Products & Services

Escadean Ltd produce a wide range of mechanical control cables, light pressings & gaskets, engineering machined parts, die cast components and silk screen products.

We also offer a range of finishing services, such as shot blasting & aqua blasting, powder coating, cryogenic finishing & vibro finishing, and industrial welding.

We provide a first-class service to a wide range of customers from all over the world, ensuring that all of our products are produced on time, every time, and with rigorous quality control checks in place to ensure that every client receives the high quality products they deserve.

Our close links with local suppliers ensure that the production process runs smoothly, our experienced team of staff use their expert knowledge of the industry to create our high quality products to meet a wide range of custom design needs, and our location in the heart of the Midlands means that products can be delivered to anywhere in the world in a timely fashion.