Reliable Finishing Services, including Cryogenic and Vibro-Finishing

Count on Escadean Ltd for cryogenic and vibro-finishing services on all your components. Serving clients throughout the UK, we offer reliable services for removing flashing from products. We routinely use these facilities for finishing our die-cast products, but they can also be used for finishing rubber, aluminium, and plastic products where necessary. Get in touch today to discuss cryogenic finishing and other services.

Types of finishing

Different types of finishing are used for different purposes. Cryogenic finishing involves deep-freezing components using liquid nitrogen and revolving the components in a drum to remove excess flashing from unfinished products. Alternatively, vibro-finishing involves vibrating components against purpose-designed stones that chip off and remove excess flashing.


removing flashing from components

Backed by expertise and experience, our cryogenic and vibro-finishing services are second to none.

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