Precision Engineered Machine Parts

For first-class precision engineering and machine parts, look no further than Escadean Ltd. Whether you require small-batch or high-volume production, our skilled machinists have got you covered. What’s more, if you have produced castings and need them to be tapped and drilled, we will happily facilitate that for you and can also complete assembly work for you. Get in touch today with any enquiries about our services and your unique requirements.

Engineered machines

We create parts from carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, and nylon for a quick turnaround. Precision-made parts include:

Screws - Nuts - Bolts - Washers - Shafts - Studs - Adjusters - End Claps - Clevises and Clevis Pins

Our comprehensive range of machine parts can be designed for:

Turning - Milling - Drilling - Tapping - Screwing

Chemical finishing

Additionally, we have the facilities to chemically finish your product either on-site or by using trusted local partner companies. Finishing options include:

Zinc Plating - Yellow Passivating - Powder Coating


Manufacturing machine parts

Specialising in precision engineering, we create machine parts to suit your specific needs.

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