Custom Mechanical Control Cables and Fittings

Whatever your mechanical control cable needs, Escadean Ltd provides high-quality solutions. Stocking and manufacturing bespoke products for all requirements, we cover everything from galvanised stainless steel wires to cable fittings. Our products and services are available to clients throughout the UK, so get in touch today to order cables and fittings.

Steel cables

We use and stock a range of galvanised stainless steel wires with various dimensions, ranging from 1mm to 6mm. We can also produce different specifications of wire, including 1x19, 7x7, and “piano” configurations. Combining these wires with a variety of outer casings (including red, black, and grey conduits) to suit your needs.

Cable fittings

We also stock thousands of different cable fittings, most of which are manufactured in house. Suitable for use with die-cast, soldered, or pressed ends, our die-cast choke tubes and plastic knobs are also produced on-site, enabling us to offer competitively priced products with a quick turnaround.

Cable Specifications

Serving industrial clients since 1969, we routinely produce cables to suit your specific requirements. Common uses and specifications include:

  • Throttle
  • Stop
  • Clutch
  • Engine Kill
  • Choke
  • Push and / or Pull
  • Brake
  • Heater
  • Speedo
  • Tacho

Cable Ends

Here are some of our Doherty-branded mechanical control cables, showing a variety of ends.


Meeting your needs

Paying close attention to your needs, we provide mechanical control cables and cable fittings.

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