Light Pressings & Gaskets

We can offer light pressings and gaskets in the following products:

  • Plastics
  • Cork
  • Rubber
  • Non-asbestos fibre
  • Felt
  • Steel

We hold a range of light pressing material and gaskets in stock, and can produce new products with a quick turnaround when items you require are not held in stock.

We have a variety of tooling and can produce custom tools for bespoke designs at competitive prices.

We currently manufacture washers, gaskets, seals, strips, sheet, blocks and rubber with self-adhesive backing, but if you require other types of materials or products, our extensive experience and range of tools will enable us to meet your requirements.

With regards to steel, we are able to produce a variety of brackets, clips and clevices, finished in a range of self-colour or chemical finishes (zinc plating, yellow passivating, powder coating etc).

Where products need holes tapped or slotted etc, this can be performed in-house.

We also offer a complete assembly service, to assemble your products as you require where necessary.